Mr. Waters was a well-known opponent of the government's Covid limitations in recent years.

The Supreme Court rejected Mr. Waters and Gemma O'Doherty's challenge to the validity of the Covid-19 law in 2022.

Mr. Waters stated in a statement that life, family, and community are his three main priorities.

"Respect life – from conception to demise naturally. Regarding Families: Adhere to the constitution's definition of family in all legislation. In terms of community, enact laws that are applicable to everyone in the Midlands-North-West Constituency, confirmed by the EU and Dáil Éireann, and support balanced regional development."

Mr. Waters stated that his "hope is that, when elected, I shall be able to take these battles to the belly of the beast - the EU Parliament - and become a voice for those decent and hard-working Irish people who have been treated with contempt by those to whom we foolishly entrusted our country".

On Friday, June 7, municipal elections will coincide with the European elections.