According to the proposal, the project which is estimated to cost €426 thousand has a three-year (1,095 days) implementation timeframe of which 245 days will be used for equipment installation, and the remaining 850 days for maintenance. The contract for establishing the video surveillance system for three locations of the city – Praça dos Restauradores, Avenida Ribeira das Naus, and Campo da Cebolas, where a total of 97 cameras are expected – was considered by the municipal administration in a closed meeting.

The decision to "not award" the contract at Praça dos Restauradores and Avenida Ribeira das Naus is included in the proposal, which is signed by Municipal Works Councillor Filipa Roseta (PSD). This decision was made because the public tender received "exclusion of all proposals presented," which led to "the correlative revocation of the decision to hire, the termination of the procedure, and the annulment of the validity and other acts underlying the process." The jury decided to "exclude two proposals from the four presented" and concluded that the company ‘Sociedad Iberica Sucursal’ in Portugal submitted the "economically most advantageous" proposal for the municipality to consider for the contract in the Campo das Cebolas area.

The municipal administration allowed the company chosen through a public tender to be awarded the contract; BE and PCP voted against it, PS, Livre, and Cidadãos Por Lisboa abstained, and the PSD/CDS-PP voted in favour of it. As the PCP argued, “The joint initiative of the Belém Parish Council and the Lisbon City Council, in the way it was taken and in the conditions in which it was implemented, reflects an option that goes against the need to build lively, safe, healthy streets that promote smooth, safe and comfortable pedestrian mobility, for all age groups of the population and all types of families”.

According to information from the municipality, there are currently 33 video surveillance cameras in Lisbon, with plans to install another 97, of which 30 will be installed in Cais do Sodré, 17 in Restauradores, 20 in Ribeira das Naus, and 30 in Campo das Cebolas. Of these current 33 video surveillance cameras, 26 have been in Bairro Alto since 2014, and seven have been in the Miradouro de Santa Catarina area since 2022.