"We need to come together, the sector needs to come together in a pragmatic effort", because "together we can find solutions", said Miguel Pinto Luz, referring to the public and private sectors and private owners in Portugal.

The minister was speaking at the opening of the debate on “Public Housing Policies: Strategies and Solutions”, within the scope of the Real Estate Awards, Expresso, and SIC Notícias.

Listing some of the measures that make up the Government's program, Miguel Pinto Luz stated that "a supply shock" is necessary because only with "more supply" will it be possible to "address this scourge" which is the difficulty in accessing housing.

Stressing that the problem can only be resolved in a "congregated, non-dogmatic way, without ideological complexes, where everyone can contribute", the minister added that this Government should not be counted on to play blame games.

"Don't count on this Government to play this game of blame [...] that everything that was done in the past is wrong. No, a lot of things are fine, others need to be corrected, others need to be done differently and others weren’t done at all," he said.

Miguel Pinto Luz also said that the public supply of housing must increase, but highlighted that the "private initiative is essential for this supply shock, which is absolutely necessary".

Regarding the reversal of some Mais Habitação measures, he said that the Government wants to treat differently what is different and equally what is the same, so in Local Accommodation it intends to "comply" in the "shortest possible time in terms of politicians", the reversal of the extraordinary contribution on this sector.