"Between the first week of the year and April 17, the products whose prices increased the most were tuna in olive oil, cereal flakes, and salmon", explains DECO PROteste.

For tuna in olive oil, the increase was 30% (55 cents). A can of tuna preserved in olive oil now costs, on average, 2.39 euros. Cereal flakes increased by 18% (46 cents) and now cost 3 euros. Salmon, in turn, increased by 18% (2.50 euros per kilo) and now costs 16.61 euros per kilo.

In the last week, between April 10th and 17th, the biggest price increases were recorded in products including:

- Frozen peas, which increased by 46 cents (plus 13%), from 3.53 euros to 3.99 euros;

- Spiral pasta, which increased by 13 cents (plus 9%), to 1.59 euros;

- Cooked grains, which rose 18 cents (plus 9%), to 2.22 euros.