The first to react was the president of the Liberal Initiative, Rui Rocha, who classified the measures put forward by Luís Montenegro as an "announcement of the four I(s)".

For Rui Rocha, the first I is "Inconvenient" because "the tax reduction that was sold as a 'fiscal shock'", after all, is not such a "diminished ambition".

On the other hand, Rui Rocha said that the reduction "is Insufficient", because it translates into gains of two or five euros per month for each taxpayer.

Another I was for injustice because for the IL leader "those who are over 35 years old will not be covered by some measures" and should not be discriminated against for that reason.

Finally, Rui Rocha considered it to be an "Illusionary" proposal because it gives the idea that there is a large tax reduction, which in reality does not happen, but he implied that IL will not vote against it.

Mariana Mortágua, coordinator of the Bloco de Esquerda, began by warning that the projections put forward by some media outlets are wrong because they encompass the reduction in IRS approved by the previous PS government and which is already included in the current State Budget.

"All that the PSD Government is doing is putting 200 million on top of 1,330 million" that is already in the current budget, claimed the bloc coordinator, considering that the Montenegro executive "has made the entire tax reform more unfair and more focused on the upper echelons", benefiting higher salaries.