It has been revealed by Gouveia’s City Council that the Gouveia Art Rock 2024 Festival, which returns to Guarda’s district from 3 May to 5 May after a four-year break, has sold out all of its concerts. Gouveia Art Rock, which is on its 17 edition and will take place at the Cine Theatre, is an organization of the City Council in collaboration with the Orchestra ‘Ligeira de Gouveia’.

The organisation notes that a poster that "guarantees progressive rock enthusiasts memorable concerts and a true cultural celebration" has been created for the 17 edition of the festival. Among the performers, you can find Steve Hogarth (England), David Cross Band (England), Ketil Bjørnstad (Norway), Ketil Mollestad Trio (Norway), Gryphon (England), Seven Impale (Norway), Imthemorning (Russia), Kadri Voorand & Mihkel Mälgand (Estonia), and Gong (England).

The municipality emphasises how unique this event is in Portugal since it's the only one devoted to progressive rock, a kind of rock music that originated in England at the end of the 1960s which incorporates elements of jazz and classical music. According to the promoters, the festival will keep “the usual quality, with a strong focus on the new generation of world progressive music musicians and the big names who built the history of progressive rock”.

Other events that happen during the Festival include the Disco, Poster, Memorabilia, and Merchandising Fair in the Teatro Cine Galleries. Besides, the event also includes cultural activities, which are open to the whole community, and a show of the Norwegian pianist Ketil Bjørnstad who will perform in a recital at St. Peter's Church on 5 May at 5 pm.