Going to the Algarve is often synonymous with the beach, but this region of the country is not just defined by the sands that are located next to the Atlantic Ocean. As in Alentejo and areas in the northern interior of Portugal, the Algarve also has river beaches and there is one in particular that stands out for its fine sand and water temperature, which can reach 30 degrees.

According to a report by Postal, the river beach of Pego Fundo, which is located near the town of Alcoutim, has a beach around 500 meters long and is bathed by the Cadavais River, a tributary of the Guadiana River. There, the water reaches 30 degrees.

To get to the Pego Fundo River beach, you will first have to head towards the town of Alcoutim. Then, you will have to cross the Cadavais River bridge towards the left bank. Once you arrive at your destination you will find a parking lot. The beach also has a volleyball court, a picnic area, and a restaurant.