In a statement, the port of Lisbon highlights that the record was set in 2018, the year in which it registered 577,603 cruise passengers.

According to the port of Lisbon, the record stood at 347 ports of call, 20 more than in 2022.

“Turnaround stopovers also registered a new record, 107, surpassing the absolute maximum of 103 stopovers recorded in the same period last year”, the note states.

Of the total number of passengers, 204,000 are from the 'turnaround' segment, that is, cruises that embark and/or disembark at the cruise terminal in the Portuguese capital.

This number, according to the port of Lisbon, represents an increase of 131% in this segment.

“Highlight is the largest turnaround operation ever at the Port of Lisbon, on July 30, with the movement of 9,163 passengers, of which 4,476 embarked and 4,687 disembarked”, according to the entity.

With regard to issuing markets, the company states that, in 2023, Europe remained the main issuing market for cruise passengers to Lisbon, with the United Kingdom leading the way, representing 38% of the total.

The USA overtook Germany and now comes in second place, with a 116% increase in passengers, representing 20% of the total.

“Germany, despite growing 14%, fell to third place with 15%. Canada and Portugal occupy, respectively, fourth and fifth place, with significant increases in passenger numbers (+172% and + 88%) compared to the previous year”, is mentioned in the note.

According to the company, in 2023, the Port of Lisbon recorded an increase of 8.7% in cargo ship calls - 2,045 calls -, which handled 11 million tons, and a further 6% in cruise calls, which handled the record number of 758,328 passengers.


With regard to cargo, an 11% increase was recorded in general cargo, to 4.6 million tons, and a 13% increase in containerized cargo.

“The Alcântara Container Terminal, whose investment project to modernize it is in the second phase, contributed to this recovery, having registered a 48% growth in tons handled”, says the Port of Lisbon.

According to the note, the new services that began operating in this terminal in 2023, particularly to South America, were decisive in increasing the supply available for companies aiming to export from Lisbon.

As for the bulk market, an additional 9.6% of liquid bulk was moved, with great emphasis on the 600% increase in the bunker market (supply of fuel offshore to ships).

“Of particular note in solid bulk is the growth in products such as wheat, barley, rapeseed and sugar, exceeding 40%”, indicates the Port of Lisbon.