“It is a program that will allow this festival to be carried out throughout the month of May and end with that great objective, which was to extend the Flower Festival and allow this extension to bring the same number of people [tourists] to Madeira from the beginning to the end of the month”, said the regional secretary.

Eduardo Jesus was speaking at the presentation conference for the 2024 edition of the Flower Festival, in Funchal, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the autonomous region.

The government official indicated that hotel occupancy is expected to be 95% during all weekends in May, but the entertainment will take place daily between the 2nd and 26th, with a particular focus on the centre of Funchal, namely on the central sign-on Avenida Arriaga, where the Regional Flower and Products Market will be located.

“From a phase in which Madeira only had the Flower Festival during a more limited period, and going back to 2015, when it was from the 16th to the 22nd of April, the occupancy rate for that weekend was 72%. At the moment, we are at 95% and during all weekends in May”, he highlighted.

The highlight of the festivities occurs on May 5th with the Allegorical Flower Parade, which runs along the marginal avenues of the capital of Madeira, in which 1,800 people participate, distributed among 14 groups.

On that day, in addition to the thousands of visitors already on land, there will be two cruise ships in the port of Funchal, transporting a total of 4,400 passengers and 1,600 crew.

Another highlight is the construction of the Wall of Hope, on May 4th, in Praça do Município, where around 700 children will place a flower as a sign of peace for the world.

In total, 3,600 people are involved in this year's edition of the Flower Festival, marked by several initiatives, such as concerts, construction of floral carpets, exhibitions, a classic car parade and also a golf tournament with 100 participants from various countries.