The skateboard-themed social work non-profit association, WallRide, is joining forces with Insane Productions and ArtHaus Club to celebrate the 50th anniversary of April 25th at the Faro skatepark.

The day will feature free skate lessons, art, competitions, concerts, music, and outdoor cinema.

According to the Association's statement: "Without Freedom, there is no skateboarding, without Freedom, there is no underground culture, without Freedom, there is no WallRide, nor the necessary spaces for us to gather, celebrate, and continue to push the norms of society beyond what we are told it should be."

The event will feature musical performances by the local artists Real Punch, RAGZ, Rack C, and Grandmaster Dre. Plus, the Artitude Urbana Association will be in charge of the artistic curation, under the leadership of the artist known as SEN.

The event is supported by the European skateshop, SkateDeluxe, and will have food, drinks, and pastries provided by local project Lemon Berry.

Viriato Villas-Boas, President of WallRide, sees the need for such a celebration because "we should provide a space for younger and more informal layers of our society to celebrate, reflect, and truly apply the values of April - especially the concept of Freedom in its entirety. Without parties, without slogans, and without formalities."



Open skate lessons (WallRide SkateSchool)


Skate competitions






Music, Food, Drinks, Mural Painting