Of British origin, AtlasEdge will build a data center in Carnaxide, highlighting the location close to Carcavelos, the mooring point for several submarine cables, a "highly strategic" location, and within the Lisbon Metropolitan Area, says the technology company, in a statement.

"This location allows customers to take advantage" of submarine cables to "Africa, Latin America and the rest of Europe, making Lisbon a vital hub for international connectivity", says AtlasEdge, highlighting the "thriving technology scene, which is home to some of the world's most Europe's fastest-growing startups and created a rapidly growing market (...) with strong demand for data center capacity."

AtlasEdge's facilities "will be 100% powered by renewable energy and will have zero water waste", says the company.

"Our entry into the Portuguese market provides us with a key position in one of the European markets of emerging technology hubs and a market where demand for capacity is quickly outpacing supply", says Giuliano Di Vitantonio, executive president (CEO) of AtlasEdge, cited in a statement.

“Strategic investments like this are only possible by leveraging our combined experience and valuable customer relationships, and that is precisely what we have been doing since we launched AtlasEdge”.

Furthermore, “the progress we have made to date has been remarkable and our entry into the Lisbon market represents a continuation of our bold and agile approach,” he adds.

The market entry announced today "further consolidates AtlasEdge's considerable presence in Europe, which now spans 20 different metropolitan areas in 13 countries," according to the company.


In turn, the Mayor of Oeiras, Isaltino Morais, highlights that "this is an extremely encouraging development" for the municipality and "is proof (...) of the (...) growing reputation as a reliable partner for companies technology internationals".

"The foreign direct investment by the company AtlasEdge (from the United Kingdom) in the construction of a 'data center', in the former SIC studios in Carnaxide, whose launch ceremony takes place today, April 23, is part of AICEP's efforts to attract more investment in telecommunications infrastructure and data logistics to Portugal, positioning the country as a 'tech hub' in Europe", says, in statements to Lusa, the president of the Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal (AICEP), Filipe Santos Costa.

The investment "is a cause and effect of Portugal's success in the dual-energy and digital transition. 'Renewable electricity + CLS (Cable Landing Stations) & Data Centers (DC) = Data Economy' is a formula for intensive investments in technology and capital, with more added value in services, generating better employment, inspiring more qualifications, increasing productivity and paying higher salaries", says the president of AICEP.

This is "part of a dynamic with investments in transoceanic connectivity (EllaLink, AFR-IX, Google, Meta, among others), in the corresponding terrestrial connectivity for the European hinterland (such as by Exa infrastructure or Colt Technology Services) and expansion of Interconnection Centers (such as Equinix) or other 'data centers' (such as Start - Sines Transatlantic Renewable & Technology Campus)", he lists.

AICEP "is working to attract foreign investments to Portugal in the data economy, investments leveraged by national bets on the dual energy and digital transition" and "investments that catapult us into a new economy with more value creation and better salaries for employees Portuguese", he concludes.