According to a press release, the low-cost airline of the Air France-KLM group will operate 16 routes from Portugal to France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, including 39 flights/week from Porto and 32 flights/week from Lisbon to Paris-Orly.

“Always attentive to the expectations of our leisure and business customers, especially those flying to/from Portugal, one of our most strategic markets, we are pleased to propose several options so that they can plan their winter trips in advance. In total, we will offer additional travel options this winter across our 16 routes between Portugal, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium”, says Nicolas Hénin, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Transavia France and reported by Publituirs.

Transavia explains that the Porto – Paris route will benefit most from the increase in offer planned for next winter in Portugal, as it will have seven more flights per week, for a total of up to 39 connections per week, followed by Lisbon – Paris, with 32 weekly flights.

In the Netherlands, Transavia flies from Portugal to Amsterdam, Eindhoven, and Rotterdam, providing, in the case of Amsterdam, two flights per day from Faro, five weekly flights from Funchal, in Madeira, two daily connections to Lisbon and another flight per day from Porto. For Eindhoven, Transavia will operate one flight per day from Faro and five connections per week from Lisbon, while Rotterdam has one flight per day from Faro and three per week from Lisbon.

In the case of France, the airline's operation includes connections to Nantes and Paris-Orly, with Transavia carrying out, to Nantes, four flights per week from Lisbon and two from Porto, while Funchal will also have a connection per week. For Paris-Orly, one flight per day is planned from Faro, two per week from Funchal, as well as up to 32 air connections per week from Lisbon and 39 per week from Porto.

Next winter, Transavia will also connect Faro to Brussels, Belgium, in an operation with up to six air connections per week.