Already more than halfway through the first year, members of 1st Company Estoril are having great fun learning how to be Girl Guides. The highlights so far have been an indoor camp and the Lisbon Region World Thinking Day Activity. At the camp, the Girl Guides became secret agents tasked with learning about the local area and discovering the important elements of a Guide Camp. At World Thinking Day they joined over 500 Girl Guides from the region to mark this important day in the Guiding calendar. With support from experienced leaders and their “Companhia Amiga” (Sister Company), 1ª Companhia de Carcavelos, being part of “Guias de Portugal” gives plenty of opportunity for new adventures and making new friends.

This new company of Girl Guides is the latest chapter in the closely integrated history of Associação Guias de Portugal (AGP) and Girlguiding UK which started almost a hundred years ago when the first companies of Portuguese Girl Guides were set up by former British Girl Guides. 1st Company Estoril was opened following the closure of all British Girlguiding Overseas Units in September 2023 and aims to provide access to Guiding for girls from British and other international families, especially those for whom language would be an obstacle to joining a local Girl Guide company.

The mission of AGP is to enable girls and young women to develop to their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world, gradually assigning responsibility, promoting teamwork and autonomy, commitment to the community, and using the outdoors for training and development. Guiding is based on the method created by Lord Robert Baden-Powell and based on four foundations of the outdoors, working in a unit along with city activities and community service.

There are four sections in AGP for age groups ranging from 6 to 21 years. Avezinhas (6-10 years), Guias Aventura (10–14 years), Guias Caravela (14–17 years) and Guias Moinho (17–21 years).

If you or your daughters want to be part of the fun then you can find out more via the AGP website where you can also register interest in being a Girl Guide or a leader. Alternatively, you can email the Company leadership to find out more.

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