The 2024 bathing season will include six more beaches than last year with a total of 664 bathing beaches, and the bathing beaches supervised by lifeguards are 595. These beaches have surveillance and lifeguards to ensure assistance to swimmers, according to the ordinance published today in Diário da República, signed by the Minister of National Defence and the Minister of Environment and Energy.

For bathers wishing to obtain information about their beach of choice in real-time, the APA – Portuguese Environment Agency has provided the info Praia app, which is active once again. The tool quickly provides updated information about beaches during the bathing season, including, the quality of the coastal, transitional, or inland bathing waters.

The app is in both Portuguese and English and allows users to favorite beaches, get to know the water quality of different beaches, awards, existing equipment, and services as well as be notified of the bathing water analysis.

The Praia app also provides beach occupation status, for those wishing to avoid crowded beaches this is a great tool that shows the status for most of the beaches, with green meaning low occupation, yellow for high occupation, and red for full occupation.

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