Eight lifeguards have been keeping watch over four of the ten Blue Flag beaches in the municipality of Grândola, Setúbal’s district, since the start of May, as the bathing season was moved up for the safety of swimmers. The Chamber of Grândola announced in a statement that "lifeguard surveillance has been ensured on the beaches Atlântica, Comporta, Carvalhal, and Melides", and that more measures could be soon implemented.

The mayor of Grândola, Ricardo Costa, has stated that "Not everyone can take vacations in the summer. If we extend this period, everyone can have the right to vacation and enjoy the beach." The mayor also mentioned that "the behaviour of the sea and people" on the Portuguese coast was taken into consideration in making the decision. The quantity of at-sea incidents and accidents “since the beginning of April, has made municipalities aware" of the potential risks associated with inadequate beach security when bathing surveillance is not in progress.

Ricardo Costa also said that because there are "actors on this front of the territory who are very aware of this need and available to assume the costs" of this step, "it was possible to bring forward the bathing season". As he emphasised, "In order to address our concerns, this one-month notice [of the bathing season] was crucial". Lusa was informed by the Seagull Rescue group that there will be roughly 40 lifeguards on duty at these ten beaches.

When asked about year-round beach surveillance, the councillor responded that the government “must look” at this issue “in a global way”. As he explained, “We cannot demand surveillance on beaches for three or four months, with people certified and qualified for that purpose, and then we tell people for the rest of the year that we don’t need them”. Despite the expectation of surveillance on four of the municipality's ten Blue Flag beaches this year, Grândola City Council states that the swimming season officially starts on 1 June and ends on 31 October.

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