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Azorean schools with a bilingual teaching project

In the next academic year, the Azorean schools will start a bilingual education project under the responsibility of the Department...
By TPN/Lusa, In Education, Madeira & Azores

Government accused of discrimination against foreign students

By TPN/Lusa, In News, Portugal, Education



Filler words to embellish your Portuguese

Filler words can be magical: they are short, don’t mean much, yet make you sound so native that even you will doubt whether...
By PA/TPN, In Portugal, Education

80% of teachers complain about "useless bureaucratic work"

More than 80% of teachers consider that the bureaucratic tasks they carry out in schools...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Portugal, Education

Vilamoura International School students and teachers publish a book on bullying

By PA/TPN, In Community, Education

Portugal one of the best countries for higher education

By Bruno G. Santos, In News, Portugal, Education

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Fighting airport pollution in Faro

A petition has been launched two weeks ago against airport pollution to change the flight path for departure heading north from...
By Paula Martins, In News, Algarve

Will Porto be the main terminal for international rail services?

The delays in developing the high-speed rail link between Madrid and Lisbon would seem...
By Paul Luckman, In Opinion Pieces

Portuguese association makes Mozambique healthier

By Bruno G. Santos, In Health, World, Portugal

History of Keys

By Marilyn Sheridan, In Curiosity

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Higher education for everyone

Minister of Education criticises school rankings

The Minister of Education has criticised the rankings that rank schools only based on...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Portugal, Education

Minister hails importance of “inclusive education”

The Minister of Education has defended the importance of inclusive education, saying that...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Portugal, Education

State nurseries network rejected

PS and Liberal Initiative have rejected the bills to amend the basic law of the education...
By TPN/Lusa, In News, Portugal, Education

Enrolment open for innovative ULIS Summer Camp

United Lisbon International School has opened enrolment for its highly creative programme...
By Advertiser, In Education, Portugal, Events

Comprehensive education programmes

Splendour Luxury Group understands the importance of education and believe it should be...
By Advertiser, In Education

Will nurseries be free?

A law has been published providing for free nurseries for up to one year, however the lack...
By Paula Martins, In News, Portugal, Education

Childcare in Portugal – what you need to know

By Paula Martins, In Portugal, Education