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Algarve desalination takes a step forward

Algarve Waters (Águas do Algarve) has announced the launch of the competition for the construction of a desalination plant in... In News, Portugal, Environment, Algarve - 23 Feb 2024, 17:05




Proposed traffic restriction at famous landmark.  In Europe, World, Environment - 17 Feb 2024, 15:31

Reviving Rainforests

A campaign to revive the rainforests in England has prompted the UK government to launch a... In United Kingdom, World, Environment - 17 Feb 2024, 11:31

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The 2024 Flying Spur - The last remaining Bentley saloon

Since the advent of the Turbo-R, I've always been fascinated by how a car that big can be made to perform so incredibly well... In Lifestyle - 22 Feb 2024, 18:01

Residents experiencing additional charges at health centres

According to the Association of Foreign Property Owners in Portugal’s (afpop) latest... In News, Portugal

Crafting for Charity

The hobby that keeps on giving.  In Lifestyle


Councils rejecting water price hikes

Silves council (CDU) has stated that it rejects the increase in water tariffs planned for the region, a position also taken by the... In News, Portugal, Algarve, Central, Sustainability - 09 Feb 2024, 14:02

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Residents experiencing additional charges at health centres

In News, Portugal - 21 Feb 2024, 18:05

Family reunification for immigrants extended

In News, Portugal - 21 Feb 2024, 13:02


New Iberian wolf and lynx project

A cross-border project, to be developed over five years, in the districts of Castelo Branco, Guarda and the province of Cáceres,... In News, Portugal, Renature - 04 Jan 2024, 20:02

Other Environment Articles

Algarve desalination plan “disastrous”

By Bruno G. Santos & Rory McGinnResidents are threatening EU court action with PAS... In News, Portugal, Environment, Algarve - 08 Feb 2024, 17:05

EU threatens Portugal with sanctions

The European Commission has opened two cases against Portugal at the Court of Justice of... In News, Portugal, Environment, Europe - 07 Feb 2024, 15:06

Algarve council cutting water pressure

Tavira City Council is carrying out tests with water pressure to understand the viability... In News, Portugal, Environment, Algarve - 06 Feb 2024, 12:05

Algarve water cuts and price rises for biggest users

Water tariffs will rise in the Algarve for those who do not save on consumption according... In News, Portugal, Environment, Algarve - 05 Feb 2024, 18:36

Renewable energies drive growth

The environmental goods and services sector recorded growth above the total of the... In News, Portugal, Business, Environment - 05 Feb 2024, 14:05

Elephant Population

The elephant population has risen steadily in South Africa over the last 25 years.  In Africa, World, Environment - 03 Feb 2024, 19:31