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5 towns to escape Lisbon’s hectic lifestyle

Once in a while, it is good to escape from the crowded and noisy cities and go to a place where silence is the main character. Why... In Hidden Gems, Portugal - 21 Jan 2024, 18:01


Hidden Gems

The 5 most beautiful dams in Portugal

Portugal is a country that always tried to invest in renewable energy, being one of the European countries with the most dams... In Portugal, Travel, Hidden Gems - 08 Oct 2023, 17:01

A Paradise of Nature in the North

Praia do Castelo de Paiva is not only a place to enjoy nature, but also to learn about... In Hidden Gems, Portugal, Tourism - 26 Aug 2023, 17:01

Water in the past, History in the present, those are the Portuguese aqueducts

In Hidden Gems, Portugal - 30 Jul 2023, 18:01

Hidden Gems: Fantasy Island

In Hidden Gems - 13 Jun 2023, 15:05

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From Panama, Around the World to Portugal

As I stood before the great pyramids of Giza in Egypt, tears of joy ran down my face. In all of my wildest dreams, I never could... In Portugal, North America, Lifestyle - 03 Mar 2024, 19:01

An American in Portugal - A River Runs Through It

A frequently asked question by many potential expats is, “Will I need to learn the... In Portugal, North America

When will Renfe start operations in Portugal?

The Spanish rail giant has been announcing its intention to start operations in Portugal,... In Opinion

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Look down to find beauty in Portugal

When walking through Portuguese streets, it is possible to see beneath your feet, some of... In News, Portugal, Hidden Gems - 23 May 2023, 20:02

Monchique: where the mountains touch the sea

As summer approaches, the beach is usually at the top of the list. However, there are days... In Portugal, Tourism, Hidden Gems, Algarve - 20 May 2023, 10:02

A salty experience!

At Salinas do Grelha you won't just find salt. You will learn about salt production and... In Hidden Gems, Tourism, Algarve - 01 May 2023, 12:01

Lisbon Roman Galleries opening for 3 days only

To commemorate the International Day of Monuments and Sites, which is celebrated on April... In News, Portugal, Lifestyle, Hidden Gems, Lisbon - 08 Apr 2023, 10:05

Óbidos: a box of surprises

With the charm of a village but the maturity of a major tourist destination, this is a... In Hidden Gems, Tourism, Lisbon, Central - 24 Mar 2023, 20:01

Visit the largest tourist caves in Portugal

In Hidden Gems, Central - 05 Mar 2023, 20:01