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Latest in Lifestyle

The versatility of chestnuts

It’s that time of the year when chestnuts may be bought almost everywhere. But did you know that this fruit may be eaten in many... In Food & Drink, Portugal - 09 Dec 2023, 19:01

Revenue increases for live shows

In Events, Economy - 09 Dec 2023, 19:01

Medical Device

In Asia, Health - 09 Dec 2023, 18:31

How much does fish cost in Algarve markets?

In Food & Drink - 09 Dec 2023, 13:01

“Authentic winter” expected this Christmas

In Lifestyle - 09 Dec 2023, 08:01

“The Filigree Master’s Apprentice”

In Lifestyle - 08 Dec 2023, 19:01



Sleep tight Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Ever heard the saying, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite”? It’s more than just a whimsical rhyme; bed bugs are... In Home & Garden, Business, Lifestyle - 08 Dec 2023, 10:01

Sepsis symptoms everyone needs to know about

Sepsis can lead to organ failure, tissue loss and death if it’s not treated quickly. In Health, Lifestyle - 08 Dec 2023, 09:01

Exploring Portugal's Rich History: 7 Historical Sites Every Student Should Visit

In Portugal, Lifestyle, Tourism - 07 Dec 2023, 13:01

Signs you’re a people pleaser

In Lifestyle - 05 Dec 2023, 18:01

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The versatility of chestnuts

It’s that time of the year when chestnuts may be bought almost everywhere. But did you know that this fruit may be eaten in many... In Food & Drink, Portugal - 09 Dec 2023, 19:01

Have you ever had a team building experience?

Is this a ‘thing’ anymore? In Opinion

Housing in Portugal

Challenges and Solutions for a Sustainable Future In Property, Portugal

“The Filigree Master’s Apprentice”

In Lifestyle

Good News

What is The Refood Movement?

Basically, they eliminate wasted food and feed people in need.  In Good News, Community, Algarve - 20 Nov 2023, 19:01

Sickle cell disease cure to be tested

This week the Food and Drug Administration in the US will review gene therapy for people... In North America, Health, Good News - 04 Nov 2023, 19:31

A Catalyst for Change: Support Miles for Smiles

In Good News - 23 Jul 2023, 08:01

The Food Co. donating 600 meals a week to local food bank

In Community, Good News - 21 Jul 2023, 13:01

Editor's Choice

Portugal 7th safest country in the world

In News, Portugal - 27 Nov 2023, 19:05

Changes to tax regime for non-habitual residents approved

In News, Portugal, Business - 27 Nov 2023, 17:23

7 Places to Retire in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 25 Nov 2023, 20:02

Home & Garden

How to decorate your home for Christmas like a pro

Think classy not cluttered for a chic statement with your festive décor this winter. In Lifestyle, Home & Garden - 04 Dec 2023, 19:01

Bathroom trends guaranteed to make a splash

Revamping your wash space with some wow factor is a win-win. In Home & Garden, Lifestyle - 30 Nov 2023, 18:01

Food & Drink

"Portuguese Great Solidarity" support Food Bank

Around 40,000 volunteers made the campaign possible between Friday and Sunday. In News, Food & Drink, Economy - 04 Dec 2023, 14:02

Mary Makes it Easy

Mary Berry says she still has a “passion” for cookery and isn’t planning to hang up... In Food & Drink, Lifestyle, Recipes - 03 Dec 2023, 11:01

The Chaîne des Rôtisseurs celebrates the language of Love applied to delicious food

In Community, Food & Drink - 30 Nov 2023, 13:01


Simple Minds to give two concerts in Portugal

The band behind 'Alive and Kicking' and 'Don't You Forget About Me' returns to Lisbon and Porto in Summer 2024. In News, Portugal, Entertainment, Music - 07 Dec 2023, 20:02

What are the most listened to songs in Portugal?

Spotify has released the top artists, albums and most listened to songs in Portugal and... In News, Entertainment - 04 Dec 2023, 18:02

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Almancil Bike Ride

Sunday 10th December 2023: Mountain bike ride starting in Almancil. In Community, Events, Algarve - 07 Dec 2023, 17:01

International Choir of Aljezur's Christmas Concert

As winter sets in, the town of Aljezur is gearing up for a heartwarming afternoon filled... In Community, Events, Algarve - 07 Dec 2023, 12:31


Which houseplants best suit your star sign?

Have you ever wondered if there are particular houseplants to match your personality and star sign? In Curiosity , Lifestyle - 03 Dec 2023, 18:01

St. Colette

Great devotion grew about St. Colette because of her intercessory powers for childless... In Curiosity , Lifestyle - 03 Dec 2023, 09:01


Portimão New Year's Eve program revealed

The Municipality of Portimão will present its New Year's Eve “concept” on 9 December, at 6 pm, next to the old Lota building,... In Algarve, Events - 08 Dec 2023, 18:01

Mértola Museum Town – 40 Years of Archaeology and Heritage valuation

On Tuesday 5th December, the Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA) will be presenting... In Community, Events, Algarve - 02 Dec 2023, 13:01


New Lusíadas hospital in Paços de Ferreira

According to Sapo, the new Lusíadas Saúde Hospital in Paços de Ferreira will create around 500 new job opportunities.  In News, Porto & North, Health - 08 Dec 2023, 15:01

Portuguese League against Cancer collects over 1.6 million euros

The Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC) raised more than 1.6 million euros in this... In News, Portugal, Health - 06 Dec 2023, 18:01

Reinforcing hospitals with medical equipment

In Health - 05 Dec 2023, 19:01

Painkiller produced from the Algarve sea

In News, Health - 05 Dec 2023, 12:01

What you need to know about cervical cancer

In Health, Lifestyle - 29 Nov 2023, 19:01


Set-up for 2024

We are already beginning to move away from the very intense energies of Scorpio that we had in November, and the energy feels more... In Galactic - 24 Nov 2023, 13:25

Lunar simulation puts the Azores on the map

The first lunar environment simulation mission carried out in Portugal will put the island... In News, Portugal, Madeira & Azores, Galactic - 19 Nov 2023, 10:02

Sky illuminated by meteor in Portugal

In News, Galactic - 02 Oct 2023, 15:20

UAPs and the Breakthrough Tech of the Future

In Galactic - 11 Sep 2023, 19:01

Other Lifestyle Articles

Mary in the Sky with tattoos

Mary in the Sky is a tattoo artist whose portfolio includes tattoos of frames from the... In Lifestyle - 03 Dec 2023, 19:01

Oscar Murillo’s first solo exhibition in Portugal

The Serralves Museum, on November 29th, will open the exhibition “Together in Our... In Exhibitions, Lifestyle - 03 Dec 2023, 17:01

Can the Peugeot e-308 SW keep estate cars relevant?

The new SW expands on the space of the regular electric e-308. What does it bring to the... In Lifestyle - 03 Dec 2023, 13:01

Safe Christmas and New Year Festive Period Seminar receives very good feedback

The event held by Safe Communities Portugal and Amigos do Museu do Traje São Brás de... In Community, Lifestyle - 01 Dec 2023, 19:01

I’m Too Busy to Learn Portuguese

Learning Portuguese is often the missing piece for expats trying to integrate into a new... In Portugal, Lifestyle, Education - 01 Dec 2023, 08:01

Algarve Senior Bikers go bonkers with conkers

The ASB ride which took place on Wednesday the 15th was preceded by a game of Conkers. In Community, Lifestyle, Algarve - 30 Nov 2023, 19:01

Property of the Week: Charming townhouse in Paço de Arcos with a sea view

In Property, Lifestyle, Lisbon - 29 Nov 2023, 11:01