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5 reasons Tampa makes a great city break

America’s Sunshine State has long tourists across the pond with the promise of sublime coastal scenery, glamorous cities and...
In Lifestyle, North America, Travel - 27 Nov 2022, 15:01


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"More and more Americans wanting to move” to Portugal

The consul general in New York, Luisa Pais Lowe, claims that "Portugal is in fashion" and that there are more and more Americans...
In News, Portugal, Property, North America - 04 Nov 2022, 19:05

Dead humpback whale washes up

A dead humpback whale has washed up on the shore of Malcom Island, B.C.  
In North America, World - 31 Oct 2022, 18:31

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A camera and Nature: the work of Ângelo Jesus

Sometimes a vocation arises from more introspective moments or even leisure. This is exactly what happened to Ângelo Jesus, a...
In Lifestyle, Environment - 30 Nov 2022, 19:01

The Golden Future

In the golden future everyone will recognise that number vibrations were set in the...
In Curiosity

The bright and joyful Meire Gomes

Painting the world a better place - one electricity box, wall and bus stop at a time...
In Algarve, Lifestyle

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“The American dream now involves buying a house in Portugal”

North American clients represent 71 percent of Athena Advisers sales in Portugal, a...
In News, Portugal, Property, North America - 13 Oct 2022, 19:03

Buying up French land

Canada will help to purchase a plot of land in France to stop developers from...
In North America, World, Europe - 10 Oct 2022, 19:31

Migrant Crisis

A state of emergency has been declared in New York in response to a “crisis...
In North America, World - 10 Oct 2022, 18:31

Beckham wants to take Ronaldo to US to play

Inter Miami, the football club owned by former English international David Beckham,...
In News, Sport, North America - 09 Oct 2022, 19:03

Praise for success of Portuguese companies in US

There are "countless examples of success" of Portuguese construction companies in the...
In News, Business, Portugal, North America - 07 Oct 2022, 18:04

RIP Pebbles – the world’s oldest dog

Pebbles, the world's oldest dog, died earlier this week at the age 22 in the United...
In News, World, North America, Curiosity - 07 Oct 2022, 08:29