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Latest in Opinion

Have you ever had a team building experience?

Is this a ‘thing’ anymore? In Opinion - 09 Dec 2023, 18:01

Just War and the Gaza Strip

In Opinion - 05 Dec 2023, 12:01

COP28 and Climate Science

In Opinion - 01 Dec 2023, 14:01

The Magnificent Polyphony of Renaissance Portugal

In Opinion Pieces - 28 Nov 2023, 13:23

Is environmentalism becoming a sort of new religion?

In Opinion, Environment - 24 Nov 2023, 19:01


Eucalyptus trees - friend or foe to Portugal?

In Opinion - 24 Nov 2023, 09:05



Israel-Hamas Ceasefire

There are really three parties to the ‘pause’ – nobody is officially using the word ‘ceasefire’ – that brings at least... In Opinion - 23 Nov 2023, 13:01

Everyone knows about plastic

But are we all doing our bit to help? In Opinion, Lifestyle - 22 Nov 2023, 18:01

AI - a hazardous myth

In Opinion - 21 Nov 2023, 17:31

The Real Space Race

In Opinion - 20 Nov 2023, 13:01

Health care, a major factor for Americans moving to Portugal

In Opinion - 16 Nov 2023, 16:02

Argentine Election

In Opinion - 15 Nov 2023, 13:01

Is Artificial Intelligence capable of taking over the world?

In Opinion - 13 Nov 2023, 17:01

A Dangerous Moment

In Opinion - 13 Nov 2023, 13:01

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The versatility of chestnuts

It’s that time of the year when chestnuts may be bought almost everywhere. But did you know that this fruit may be eaten in many... In Food & Drink, Portugal - 09 Dec 2023, 19:01

Have you ever had a team building experience?

Is this a ‘thing’ anymore? In Opinion

Housing in Portugal

Challenges and Solutions for a Sustainable Future In Property, Portugal

“The Filigree Master’s Apprentice”

In Lifestyle

Opinion Pieces

Caring for the Unloved Ones

by Roberto  Cavaleiro   In Opinion Pieces - 16 Nov 2023, 18:15

Portugalidade – Recorded Music – Some suggestions for winter listening

by Roberto Cavaleiro          In Opinion Pieces, Entertainment - 16 Nov 2023, 14:29

Sephardic Identity : Europe´s Richest Businesswoman of the 16th Century

In Opinion Pieces - 27 Oct 2023, 06:03

So Hard to Choose: Canada or the Quad?

In Opinion Pieces - 21 Sep 2023, 17:06

Editor's Choice

Portugal 7th safest country in the world

In News, Portugal - 27 Nov 2023, 19:05

Changes to tax regime for non-habitual residents approved

In News, Portugal, Business - 27 Nov 2023, 17:23

7 Places to Retire in Portugal

In News, Portugal - 25 Nov 2023, 20:02


Letter to the Editor: Ukraine War

EDITOR, Mr. John Clare´s return as a prodigal reader of TPN is to be welcomed if only because his partisan commentaries possess a... In Letters - 15 Nov 2023, 14:23

Reply and rebuttal to “are electric cars green?” 2/9/2023

Dear Editor, In Letters - 26 Sep 2023, 09:48

Tomar : A Festa dos Tabuleiros

In Letters - 30 Jun 2023, 13:59

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An Awkward Relationship

The political and diplomatic history between Portugal and Israel has always been... In Opinion - 13 Nov 2023, 10:11

Why is the salary so low and the taxes so high in Portugal

There are, for example, taxes in Portugal. These are not as high as in Germany, but as an... In Opinion, Lifestyle, Portugal - 12 Nov 2023, 14:01

In Portugal its cold in the winter and in Germany its warm!!

"Integration in Portugal is often very difficult and time-consuming." Unfortunately, I... In Opinion, Portugal, Lifestyle - 11 Nov 2023, 14:01

What do I do if I don't speak Portuguese in Portugal?

"Language", I often hear, is the biggest obstacle for many. But there are languages that... In Opinion, Lifestyle, Portugal - 10 Nov 2023, 14:01

Artificial Intelligence for Dummies

I’m sorry that I didn’t get my article on Artificial Intelligence in last week during... In Opinion, Lifestyle - 09 Nov 2023, 13:31

Israel-Gaza: A Question of Numbers

Being the Heritage Minister is not the summit of achievement in Israeli politics, but it... In Opinion, Lifestyle - 06 Nov 2023, 13:01

Never Mind the Climate, Watch the Wars

In Opinion - 30 Oct 2023, 13:31

A Dangerous Moment

In Opinion - 30 Oct 2023, 12:34

High speed rail, the missing link

In Opinion - 29 Oct 2023, 13:01

Israel: Netanyahu and his ‘Objective Allies’

In Opinion - 26 Oct 2023, 13:01