The operation involved police, health inspectors and the local council who, in a joint statement, revealed they had acted on Tuesday after the site was discovered in a routine mission by Environmental Protection Brigades.

The health inspectors suspended factory activity, arrested two women and seized 310 kilograms of products, worth €1.865, they said.

The same place was also used to made regional sweets.

"The products were in premises without any guarantee whatsoever of functional technical conditions, which seriously jeopardised the hygiene and health situation," the authorities noted.

According to the description, "the sausage preparation and handling room had a lot of structural damage, as well as a lack of hygiene, with a lot of dirt and fat and even some sausages lying on the floor".

The report stated that 'the various outhouses, in particular the baking oven and the rooms where the various chambers for storing frozen products were located, did not meet the legal requirements'.

The authorities noted that there were two dogs in the area that 'had access' to the equipment 'with a lot of dirt, leftover sausages and droppings from the animals in question and a nauseating smell'.

The products, such as pork, hams and sausages 'were unfit for consumption because they were crushed, burnt by ice, discoloured, dehydrated and mouldy'.