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Latest in Tourism

Algarve tourism is hoping that new travel rules for those in England will help to save the tourism industry this summer.

Record breaking tourism results

Tourist accommodation reached the highest monthly values ever in August, with 3.5 million guests and 10.1 million overnight stays,... In News, Portugal, Tourism - 29 Sep 2023, 20:02

Cruises – Do I really need one?

In Travel, Lifestyle - 28 Sep 2023, 19:01



Tourism fuelling growth

The president of the association of travel agencies and the Portuguese hotel industry praise, on World Tourism Day, the sector's... In News, Portugal, Business, Tourism - 27 Sep 2023, 13:02

Garvetur: 40 Years of History

A business project, that begun within a family in 1983, is today one of the most important... In News, Business, Portugal, Property, Tourism - 25 Sep 2023, 11:51

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This investment is part of the strategic plan which includes wind, solar, green hydrogen and energy storage technologies.

54% of Portugal’s electricity is now generated by renewable energy

Since my last article regarding the successful harnessing of tidal power to generate... In Opinion, Sustainability

Eclipse Season Arrives!

As we enter October we will still be feeling the strength of the Full Super Moon in Aries... In Curiosity


Visit these secret Spanish spots

Lesser-known destinations make for the perfect escape this shoulder season. In Travel, Lifestyle, Europe - 25 Sep 2023, 19:01

Do you know your air passenger rights?

Air passengers enjoy a number of rights, particularly in terms of assistance and... In Consumer Rights, Portugal, Travel - 17 Sep 2023, 19:01

Why flying solo could be your biggest adventure

In Tourism, Travel - 31 Aug 2023, 18:01

Portuguese are travelling more abroad

In Tourism, Travel - 29 Jul 2023, 09:02

Secret European islands

In Tourism, Travel - 26 Jul 2023, 13:01

Editor's Choice

Government approves toll price reductions

In News, Portugal - 28 Sep 2023, 15:02

Hidden Gems

A Paradise of Nature in the North

Praia do Castelo de Paiva is not only a place to enjoy nature, but also to learn about history and culture. Located in the north... In Hidden Gems, Portugal, Tourism - 26 Aug 2023, 17:01

The most beautiful McDonald's in the world

Did you know that the most beautiful McDonald's restaurant in the world is located in... In Portugal, Tourism, Hidden Gems, Porto & North - 25 Aug 2023, 18:05

Water in the past, History in the present, those are the Portuguese aqueducts

In Hidden Gems, Portugal - 30 Jul 2023, 18:01

Hidden Gems: Fantasy Island

In Hidden Gems - 13 Jun 2023, 15:05

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Other Tourism Articles

Emirates looking for “new talent in Portugal”

Air carrier Emirates is looking for Portuguese candidates to join their international... In News, Portugal, Business, Tourism - 17 Sep 2023, 14:05

More flights between North America and Madeira

Azores Airlines have announced two new direct connections between Madeira (Funchal) and... In News, Portugal, Tourism, North America - 15 Sep 2023, 20:02

Over 3.5 million passengers experienced delays in Portugal

More than 3.5 million passengers in Portugal suffered cancellations or delays in their... In News, Portugal, Tourism - 15 Sep 2023, 18:05

Thousands expected at first Sand Racing World Cup

The first edition of the Sand Racing World Cup expects to draw thousands of visitors to... In News, Portugal, Sport, Tourism, Algarve - 15 Sep 2023, 15:05

Historic highs for airports

The number of passengers at national airports increased by 12.5% in July, year-on-year, to... In News, Portugal, Tourism, Business - 15 Sep 2023, 09:05

Portugal popular for autumn bookings

Sunweb, considered one of the main European tour operators, has revealed that for... In News, Portugal, Tourism - 14 Sep 2023, 20:02