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Latest in Travel

Cruises – Do I really need one?

Cruises can be a great idea, especially if you are lazy about trip planning.  In Travel, Lifestyle - 28 Sep 2023, 19:01

Why flying solo could be your biggest adventure

In Tourism, Travel - 31 Aug 2023, 18:01



Wales's answer to Scotland's North Coast 500

Sadly, litter, packed (over-priced) hotels and traffic are all taking a bit of the shine off Scotland’s most famous road trip. In Lifestyle, Travel, United Kingdom - 25 Aug 2023, 19:01

Discover Porto's Coastline by Boat Rental

Learn all the things you can enjoy on a Porto boat rental, and check the city highlights,... In Travel, Porto & North - 10 Aug 2023, 12:31

Portuguese are travelling more abroad

In Tourism, Travel - 29 Jul 2023, 09:02

Secret European islands

In Tourism, Travel - 26 Jul 2023, 13:01

Is this Europe’s most serene holiday destination?

In Tourism, Travel - 16 Jul 2023, 16:05

How to dodge the crowds in Kyoto

In Tourism, Travel - 12 Jul 2023, 19:01

Wines to buy if you’re on a French road trip

In Travel - 12 Jul 2023, 15:53

A quiet paradise for windsurfers and cyclists

In Lifestyle, Travel - 03 Jul 2023, 18:01

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This investment is part of the strategic plan which includes wind, solar, green hydrogen and energy storage technologies.

54% of Portugal’s electricity is now generated by renewable energy

Since my last article regarding the successful harnessing of tidal power to generate... In Opinion, Sustainability

Eclipse Season Arrives!

As we enter October we will still be feeling the strength of the Full Super Moon in Aries... In Curiosity

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Portugal's airline TAP transported over 106,000 passengers to and from Cape Verde in... In Travel, Tourism, Africa - 26 Jun 2023, 16:04

Afro Nation returns to the Algarve

The Afro Nation festival returns this Wednesday to Praia da Rocha, in Portimão, with a... In Music, Travel, Algarve - 26 Jun 2023, 13:01

How to handle early morning flights

Apparently airports are ‘best’ in the early hours, but what about the tiredness and... In Lifestyle, Travel - 22 Jun 2023, 18:01

Montenegro - Cannes without the crowds

Bronwen Weatherby explores the attractions in and around Luštica Bay. In Tourism, Travel - 16 Jun 2023, 15:01

Domestic flights banned

France has banned domestic flights of under 2.5 hours, citing it as a step toward cutting... In Europe, World, Travel - 10 Jun 2023, 12:31

Luxury and adventure are closer than you may think

If you want to have it all on a three-day break, Rhodes could be the answer, says Imy... In Lifestyle, Travel - 09 Jun 2023, 19:01

Aer Lingus launch huge summer sale

In News, Travel - 18 May 2023, 13:31

Can a luxury rainforest resort ever be truly eco?

In Lifestyle, World, Travel - 17 May 2023, 19:01