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Canada to open visa application centre in Portugal

Canada will open a visa application centre in Lisbon, offering Portuguese citizens "more flexibility and accessibility, to visit,... In News, Portugal, North America - 21 Feb 2024, 19:01

“Forever Chemicals”

In World - 17 Feb 2024, 17:31



Attractive Accent

According to the learning platform Babbel, French is no longer the world’s sexiest accent.  In Europe, World - 17 Feb 2024, 13:31

Property Prices

Germany’s office property market has seen a record drop in prices, coupled with... In Europe, World - 17 Feb 2024, 09:31

Labour Shortage

In Europe, World - 10 Feb 2024, 09:31

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The 2024 Flying Spur - The last remaining Bentley saloon

Since the advent of the Turbo-R, I've always been fascinated by how a car that big can be made to perform so incredibly well... In Lifestyle - 22 Feb 2024, 18:01

Residents experiencing additional charges at health centres

According to the Association of Foreign Property Owners in Portugal’s (afpop) latest... In News, Portugal

Crafting for Charity

The hobby that keeps on giving.  In Lifestyle

United Kingdom

Reviving Rainforests

A campaign to revive the rainforests in England has prompted the UK government to launch a national rainforest strategy.  In United Kingdom, World, Environment - 17 Feb 2024, 11:31

Brits issued Portugal travel warning

British travellers entering Portugal on the old red British passport have been issued a... In News, Portugal, Tourism, United Kingdom - 13 Feb 2024, 19:05

Editor's Choice

Residents experiencing additional charges at health centres

In News, Portugal - 21 Feb 2024, 18:05

Family reunification for immigrants extended

In News, Portugal - 21 Feb 2024, 13:02

North America

Black History Month coming to Lisbon

The United States Embassy and the Lisbon City Council are inviting the public to the free concert “L’USAfonia – The Soul of... In News, Portugal, Events, Lisbon, North America - 11 Feb 2024, 12:05

Generation Z

More than one in four (28 percent) Americans between the ages of 18 and 25, known as... In North America, World - 10 Feb 2024, 16:31

South America

182,000 Portuguese visited Brazil

Last year, Brazil received 182,000 Portuguese tourists, a number that represents an increase of 21% compared to last year,... In News, Portugal, Tourism, South America - 11 Feb 2024, 08:05

Portugal being used as a "test market"

Portugal is considered to be the "natural option" and a "test market" for the increasingly... In News, Portugal, Business, South America - 15 Jan 2024, 08:09


Quitting Smoking

It’s never too late to quit smoking, but the sooner you give up the better.  In Asia, World, Health - 17 Feb 2024, 14:31

Tai Chi

A new study found the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi was more effective in... In Asia, World - 17 Feb 2024, 12:31

“Twin Eye”

In Asia, World - 10 Feb 2024, 19:31

Electronic Vehicles

In Asia, World - 10 Feb 2024, 17:31

Global Tensions

In Asia, World - 10 Feb 2024, 14:31

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Female Perspective

It’s one of the most gender unequal countries, so the launch of a current affairs show led by women, is a big deal in Somalia... In Africa, World - 17 Feb 2024, 10:31

Network Breakfast Special Presentation

Join us for a business breakfast in the Algarve focused on the questions about the new... In Business, Algarve, Other Events, Africa - 13 Feb 2024, 14:31

CCILSA's Extravaganza: Networking Success at Puro Beach Algarve

In Africa, Portugal - 02 Feb 2024, 15:01


Protection Regime

Poland is planning to develop new rules for helping Ukrainian refugees, local officials believe that many immigrants are taking... In Europe, World - 10 Feb 2024, 08:31

Alternative Testing

A new study by a group of researchers at the University of Gothenburg found that blood... In Europe, World, Health - 03 Feb 2024, 17:31

Other World Articles

EU threatens Portugal with sanctions

The European Commission has opened two cases against Portugal at the Court of Justice of... In News, Portugal, Environment, Europe - 07 Feb 2024, 15:06

Strike to affect 100,000 passengers

The strike, which was scheduled by the Ver.di Union, the largest in Germany, will last 24... In News, Portugal, Europe - 05 Feb 2024, 16:25

Former President mourned

The day of national mourning in honour of the former president of the European Commission... In News, Europe - 31 Jan 2024, 09:01

Proposal for new law to welcome Ukrainian refugees

Portugal has proposed the creation of a permanent mechanism to welcome Ukrainian refugees... In News, Portugal, Europe - 27 Jan 2024, 09:05

Deadline given for new car insurance rules

The European Commission has given Portugal two months to inform it about the transposition... In News, Portugal, Europe - 26 Jan 2024, 10:05

Palace Renovations

The Palace where Alexander the Great was crowned will be reopening as an archaeological... In Europe, World - 20 Jan 2024, 14:31