When assessing the “Minimum Risk” operation, carried out between last Friday and Sunday on the mainland and islands, the PSP accounted for 304 road operations, having supervised around 8,000 drivers.

According to the data, of the 61,602 vehicles controlled by radar, 1,035 were speeding and of the 2,577 drivers submitted to the alcohol test, 112 had blood alcohol levels above the maximum allowed by law (0.50mg/litre of blood) and were subject to an administrative offence, while 85 of these had a rate already considered criminal (equal to or greater than 1.20 mg/l), and were arrested.

In total, the PSP registered 2,541 administrative offences, of which 114 were very serious, 794 were serious and 1,633 were minor, with 41 for non-use (or incorrect use) of seat belts and restraint systems and 31 for improper use of a mobile phone while driving, “these infractions being some of the main causes of road accidents”.

The PSP also detected 147 vehicles circulating on public roads without inspection and issued 54 administrative offense notices for lack of compulsory insurance.

Operation "Minimum Risk" resulted in 117 arrests: 85 for driving under the influence of alcohol and 32 for lack of a legal license.