Visão reported today that the Evaluation Commission of the Romano Mine validated the mixed exploitation of lithium, noting that "this is the last opinion of the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure".

However, according to the publication, the location of the refinery was failed due to the presence of a pack of Iberian wolves.

Contacted by Lusa agency Lusorecursos Portugal Lithium, the company that wants to explore the lithium mine in Montalegre, district of Vila Real, confirmed that it was notified about the favourable opinion to the project that foresees a mixed exploration, in the open and underground, as well as the complex of mining annexes.

The company source said that "all the elements contained in the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) have a favourable opinion, except the location of the mining annex complex, which includes the washing plant, the administrative buildings and the refinery".

He also said that a solution will be studied to respond to the concerns raised about this location, noting that the company now has a period of six months to present this solution, which will be evaluated together with the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA).


The mine is contested locally and on January 21, in Montalegre, another demonstration was held against mining exploitation to “show that the fight continues”, highlighting its impacts, namely in terms of water consumption, and warning that the mine “is incompatible” with Barroso World Agricultural Heritage, a distinction awarded in 2018.

On the same day, during a visit to the Feira do Fumeiro de Montalegre, the Minister of Agriculture, Maria do Céu Antunes, said that the Government will act in accordance with the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure for the mine planned for Montalegre.