The National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) filed lawsuits with 67 airlines for boarding passengers who did not have a digital certificate or a negative Covid-19 test on flights to Portugal. In total, more than €721,000 were applied in fines, but 20% of the total has not yet been paid due to being challenged in court.

Since June 2020, "proceedings have been filed with 67 airlines", and "so far the amount of 721,250.00 euros has been applied", revealed an official source from ANAC, in response to ECO.

However, not all of these processes have been finalised, given that, for example, airlines can appeal, making the closure of some processes and the respective payment of fines unpredictable. It was, in fact, the case of TAP that contested the decision. At the end of January, the Court of Appeal ended up giving reason to the Portuguese airline and returned the process to the regulator.

Of the total number of proceedings filed, €569,150 have already been paid, “the remaining amount being under judicial review”, adds the regulator. For accounts made, 78.91% of the total amount has already been paid and 21.09% is in "standby", that is, about a fifth of the total.