According to, a leading consultancy firm specialising in investment-based citizenship and residency, the US E-2 Visa is a "quick" process that allows the primary E-2 Visa holder to do business in the United States if they invest a significant amount of capital in a US business. But first, they must apply to be citizens of a country with which the United States has the requisite treaty agreement, such as Grenada.

Moving to the US - hints and tips for those that meet the eligibility criteria

Many second citizenship applicants may want to seek entry to the US and they are not aware of the immigration options that come with second citizenship from Grenada and especially Dominica. But getting into the US is actually quite easy as long as you have a business plan, second citizenship from one of these countries and the right investment. Even for a US citizen that has renounced, they can reenter the US with one of these visas.

Dominica Passport as a preferred route for US entry

A passport from the Commonwealth of Dominica allows visa-free travel to 144 countries and territories, as well as tax exemptions, business registrations, and the opportunity to study and get medical treatment abroad. Although Dominica citizenship benefits do not include US E-2 visa eligibility, they do offer long-term visa options to the US via L-1, B-1, B-2, H-1B, and EB-5.

Examining these four visas in detail:

US L-1 Visa – Allows a foreign company executive to enter the United States and establish a business subsidiary. It has a three-year initial term but can be extended up to seven years. This visa allows holders to also pursue legal permanent residency (green card) while they are in the US.

US B-1/B-2 Visa – Enter the United States on a B-1 visa to look into business development opportunities, make contacts and attend trade shows. It's a ten-year multiple-entry visa with six-month entry periods that can be extended for an additional six months while in the US. Although the B-1 cannot be used to start a business, it can be used to attend trade shows and establish business contacts et cetera. While you can rely on the US B-2 visa for extended stay social activities such as family visitation or tourism.

US H-1B Visa– A US company can sponsor the holder as an employee on an H-1B visa. This visa also allows the applicant to sponsor his or her own employees. Although more difficult to obtain, if the holder is both the owner and the beneficiary, it is still possible when working with a capable agent. Apply for the US green card while in the US on the H-1B.

US EB-5 Visa – With an investment in the United States, the holder can start a business there. Investments in a special employment area start at $500,000, but EB-5 risks include the expiration of congressional authorization for regional centres last year. Holders of a US EB-5 visa will become eligible for a green card.

Benefits of a Grenada citizenship as an alternate route

  • Visa-free access to 144 countries

  • No tax on international income, inheritance tax, capital gains tax, and wealth tax

  • Citizenship requirements and application process are straightforward

  • No prior immigration or Grenada residency required

  • Prestigious British education for children

  • Eligible for a US E-2 visa under a treaty with the United States

  • Obtain tax breaks in the US on internationally sourced income (US E-2 Visa)

Grenada citizenship is available to investors who pay a non-refundable contribution of US $150,000 to the National Transformation Fund or a minimum of US $220,000 for government-approved real estate. Applicants must have a clean background, a verifiable source of funds, and a health certificate in addition to the investment.

Choose to move your family and business to the US through Grenada second citizenship

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