According to the British newspaper, the incident happened on December 20, on a flight that left London, in the United Kingdom.

The passenger, who reportedly consumed alcoholic beverages during the flight, punched, bit, and even scratched the two flight attendants, a man, and a woman, leaving them with injuries, including a broken tooth.

When the plane doors opened, airport security detained the woman who was later handed over to the PSP.

The Portuguese authorities confirmed to The Sun the occurrence at Gago Coutinho Airport. According to them, the woman was "visibly altered" which is why she was sent to Faro Hospital. On December 21, she ended up being discharged.

However, the report of the occurrence was sent to the Public Ministry. The case continues to be investigated.

easyJet stated that regretted what happened. "We do not tolerate threatening or violent behaviour towards our crew or passengers. We are supporting crew members who have been subject to this unacceptable behaviour and we will act accordingly", reads the airline's statement, quoted by the British newspaper.