"ODO expects AT to take immediate measures to overcome these problems, in order to mitigate the legitimate discontent of the brokers and their difficulties in the relationship with customers".

Refusing to accept "that customs continue to be the poor relative of AT", the Order of Official Dispatchers defends that it is "urgent that the authorities take concrete measures to guarantee that the problems are solved in an efficient and effective way for the proper functioning of customs".

Recalling that since the beginning of January "it has been following with concern the constraints faced by its associates in the customs treasuries", ODO points out that "dozens of complaints have been filed, reporting delays and unjustified losses for operators and their customers".

Cited in the statement, the chairman of ODO, Mário Jorge, refers that "contacts with the AT have taken place regularly but, despite some constraints having been resolved, there are still serious problems that need to be resolved as soon as possible".

"We have already expressed our concern to the director of AT. We have also alerted the Government, through the Secretary of State for Tax Affairs, to the seriousness of the situation".