"Even today, once again in the news, we have another case, this creates instability, it is regrettable, it also creates in people a disbelief in politics and politicians that is very serious for our society and is very serious for the country".

Asked about the PSD's decision to abstain from voting on the motion of censure against the Government, proposed by the Liberal Initiative parliamentary group which failed to go ahead, the mayor of Lisbon refused to comment.

“What I do is a comment on something that I think is almost surreal, which is this the turnover of ministers and the succession of cases”, stressed the social democrat.

Reinforcing that his role is to defend the people of Lisbon, Carlos Moedas defended that the role of a politician is to “guarantee stability for the people”.

The mayor also considered that what has been happening in recent times in the Government "is regrettable".

“I have no doubt about that, not only as a politician, not only as mayor, but also as a person and citizen of this country”, he said.