The Golden Future

We are rapidly approaching a new Golden Age when everyone will feel safe and totally trust their angels to look after them. We will all listen to and heed warnings whispered by our Guardian Angels. Most important of all as we keep our frequencies high nothing can impact on us.

Angels Protect you for your Highest Good

Unless it is your time to die or you need an accident as a wake-up call your angel will protect you. I knew an elderly lady who had just had an operation on her back. It was very weak and painful, so when she visited a friend who lived in a first-floor apartment, she leant against the rail of the balcony for support. It gave way and she fell! As she did so she felt wings holding her. She landed so softly on the ground below that she did not even jolt her back.

I am often asked why the angels do not prevent an accident from happening in which someone is hurt. The angels will only ever do that which is for the highest good. For example, if you are very angry you may find yourself in a collision. Your angel will not prevent the accident for the resultant time in hospital, resting and recovering gives you the opportunity to re-examine your life. During this time they will whisper a higher perspective to you to help you dissolve your anger.

However, if you do not need the lesson, your angel will protect you. I tell this story in New Light on Angels. Barry had been working tremendously long hours to maintain his business. His wife had left and he had two young daughters to support and care for. Night after night he drove home in a state of exhaustion, hardly able to keep his eyes open. One evening the inevitable happened and, just before he reached a busy major roundabout, he fell asleep at the wheel. When he opened his eyes with a start, he had negotiated the roundabout and was driving down the road. In the seat beside him sat an angel, holding the steering wheel and guiding the car. As soon as he woke and saw her, the angel disappeared, leaving him feeling amazed and awed.

Before you incarnate, your soul decides how long your life will be, whether it is weeks, a few years or to a hundred. People will often wait for a particular date to pass over when there is a cosmic current that will sweep them to their next destination on the other side.

I was particularly intrigued when I received a photograph of a young man with his new motorbike. He was surrounded by Archangel Michael’s blue Orbs of protection. I thought how well he was being looked after, as indeed he was. He died a few weeks later and I was told that his personality on Earth loved life and lived it to the full. However, his soul knew that he had work to do on the other side and unconsciously he was so excited about it that he was in danger of leaving before his time. So, dozens of Angels were dispatched to protect him until then.

Invocation for Archangel Gabriel’s protection.

Say clearly and with intention, ‘I now invoke the mighty Archangel Gabriel to place a ball of his pure white, reflective light around me for my total protection. So be it. It is done.’

Then visualise the light bring placed round you. All lower frequencies will then bounce off you.

Archangel Michael’s blue Cloak of Protection

Ask Archangel Michael to place his Cloak of Protection round you. See or sense it in place over you with the hood drawn up over your head.

About Diana Cooper

Diana Cooper’s spiritual journey started 40 years ago with an angelic visitation and she has worked with Angels ever since. She has written 33 books translated into 28 languages.

She has travelled world-wide sharing inspiration from the higher realms and now teaches regular on-line courses. She founded the Diana Cooper School of White Light, a not for profit organisation offering spiritual teaching courses throughout the world.