The data was released by the Association of Port Wine Companies (AEVP), which stressed that the cellars located on the Vila Nova de Gaia waterfront, in the district of Porto, are considered the "greatest point of wine tourism in Portugal".

AEVP said, in a statement, that there was "a resumption of visitors" in 2022 in the cellars of its members, which, overall, received 1.09 million people, levels close to the years 2017 and 2018.

“However, we are still a little far from what was the biggest year of tourist reception ever: the year 2019", pointed out the association.

In the pre-pandemic year, the number of visitors to the Port Wine Cellars certified by the AEVP "reached a record 1.37 million", an "absolutely remarkable number" for the association and which translated into an "increase of 8.8 % compared to 2018 and 6.1% compared to 2017".

At the top of the visitors to the cellars are the Portuguese (17.05%), the Spanish (13.60&) and the French (13.26%). North Americans (9.59%), British (6.95%) and Brazilians (5.82%) follow.

AEVP is a non-profit private institution, headquartered in Vila Nova de Gaia and brings together 22 associates who, at the moment, represent over 80% of Port wine sales and around 40% of Douro wines with Denomination of Origin Protected (PDO).