From now on, members with the 'standard' or 'premium' plan can "add secondary additional member accounts, for up to two people outside their residence", with an additional monthly cost of 3.99 euros, Netflix announced in a statement.

“A Netflix account is intended to be used in a home and members have a choice of several plans, with different characteristics”.

The streaming platform stressed that it has always sought to “facilitate the sharing of the Netflix account between people who live in the same house”, with features such as “different profiles and the possibility of watching Netflix on several screens simultaneously”.

“Despite their success, these features have created some confusion about when and how Netflix can be shared. Today, more than 100 million households share accounts — which impacts our ability to invest in high-quality series and films”, underlined the company in the press release.

The measure that ends account sharing came into force in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and Spain, in addition to Portugal, with the focus on allowing customers “control over who has access to their account”.

For people using an account, they can now “easily” transfer a profile to a new account, keeping “their personalized recommendations” or “viewing history”, among other options.

Netflix also explained that “members can continue to watch Netflix on their personal devices or sign in on a new TV, for example, in a hotel room or a vacation home”.

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