A basket of essential food items has already increased by more than 35 euros since the start of the war and now costs 218.87 euros, according to weekly price monitoring by DECO Proteste.

"Between February 23, the eve of the start of the armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia, and December 14, the price of a basket of essential food goods increased by 19.19% (up 35.24 euros), now costing 218.87 euros", says the consumer protection organisation.

This analysis has revealed, "increases almost every week, with some products registering double-digit price rises from one week to the next".

In the last week, between December 7th and 14th, the ten products with the highest price increases were:

Liquid strawberry yogurt (27% more);

Horse mackerel (17% more);

Carolina rice (15% more);

Fish fingers (another 15%);

Crimped lettuce (9% more);

Carrots (9% more);

Cabbage hearts (7% more);

Sliced turkey breast (another 7%);

Coarse salt (plus 6%);

Extra virgin olive oil (5% more).

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