Other popular choices include cities in Spain, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and the Netherlands – some of the main destinations for Portuguese emigration, which could explain the influx at a time when families are looking to reunite.

According to eDreams, Portuguese prefer to travel for 4-5 days (39%) or have a slightly longer stay of 7-11 days (35%).

With regard to bookings, there is a trend towards timely preparation: more than a third (33%) book trips 31-60 days in advance, or even more (20% 61-90 days in advance and 24% more than three months). However, nearly a quarter of travellers (23%) continue to book more last minute, with bookings between 6 and 30 days before their departure date.

Finally, eDreams also looked at data from travellers looking for Portugal at this time of year. Over a third (34%) of visitors come from France, followed by Spain (12%), Switzerland (11%), the UK (10%), and Germany (9%) – again, some of the countries where the Portuguese most emigrate. The most popular destinations are Lisbon, Porto, and Faro.