According to the study, "15% of the Portuguese confirm that they intend to go on holiday over the Christmas and New Year period, a similar figure compared to the previous year (+1 p.p.)", according to reports from Notícias ao Minuto.

Of those who plan to go on vacation, 8% say they are going to travel and 6% are going to visit their family. About 39% of respondents who do not go on vacation in this period, admit that they do not go for financial reasons - an increase of 19 p.p. compared to 2021.

On average, respondents who go on holiday plan to spend €319, €80 more than the previous year (€239 in 2021).

At a regional level, residents of the South region are those who expect to spend the most on these holidays (351 euros), followed by residents of the Center region (330 euros) and the North region (323 euros).

With regard to where they will spend their holidays, most of the Portuguese respondents who intend to go on holiday choose to do so in Portugal (59%), while 48% seek to enjoy their holidays abroad.