When it comes to staying close to home, warm destinations by the sea, such as cities in the Algarve, lead the ranking of domestic destination trends for the next year among the Portuguese. Top of the list is Quarteira, followed by Lisbon, Porto, and Albufeira.

Foreign destinations

In 2023, the Portuguese also intend to travel abroad. The top choice for 2023 is so far Paris, France, followed by London, Amsterdam, New York, Rome, and Barcelona.

A previous analysis of flexible search on Airbnb highlights an acceleration of sustainable and decentralized travel trends on Airbnb in Europe, which are mainly driven by European guests. The profile of guests using Airbnb in Europe is more European than at any point in Airbnb's history. As Airbnb's guest profile in Europe has become more European, travel has become more dispersed.

Airbnb has launched its flexible search tools Categories (May 2022), I'm Flexible (May 2021) and I'm (Even More) Flexible (November 2021) to create a new way to search for travel and provide a technological solution to mass tourism, helping guests discover homes and communities beyond the saturated tourist spots and at different times of the year. Around 1 in 20 stays on Airbnb are currently booked using flexible search features.