Unlike in Spain, the Government does not yet plan to drop the support mechanism for fuels, namely in terms of reducing the Tax on Petroleum Products (ISP), admitting only to a gradual reduction in the exemption from the carbon tax on fuels, a fee that has been suspended for several months.

In response to the question posed by ECO/Capital Verde, during a press conference, the Minister for the Environment and Climate Action guaranteed that “an identical measure” will not be adopted in Portugal to the one announced this week in Spain, explaining that the Government is working on a gradual reduction of the exemption from the carbon tax on petrol and diesel from January 2023.

“We are not going to adopt a measure identical to that of Spain. We are working on a gradual reduction of the carbon tax exemption. It won't be on the same terms. We are going to progressively reduce the size of the suspension, we are working with the Ministry of Finance”, replied Duarte Cordeiro during the press conference.

As part of an easing of fuel prices, the Spanish Government decided this week to drop support of 20 cents per litre on the retail price of fuel, a measure that is in force until the 31st of December, as expected. The measure will be reserved for professional drivers, such as transporters, farmers, and livestock breeders. Fishermen will receive direct aid of 120 million euros.