Are you planning to develop your business? Going the extra mile is now easy with Kapta. From website development to tailor-made software to organise your work - everything is possible at this Algarve IT agency that works to help businesses do great online.

Bruno Simões is the head of the company he set up two years ago, a role he shares with his partner and friend, Ruben Fernandes. Both are software developers. “My area of expertise is software developing,” he told me, adding that at first the core of the company was computer programming, but clients started asking for some design and social media work, which got them to a point where they decided to hire more people and integrate more services.

“We were already known in the software developing market and decided to start having the branding and design part. Then it made sense to add marketing and social media management. All three work very well because when a client starts a business, they need branding, but also a website and social media management to gain exposure,” he said.

“We help businesses get to the next level”

Also, when it comes to well-established businesses, they create tailor-made management platforms. “Tailor-made management platforms are management systems, which make life easier for many businesses. We are able to create reports and give a better idea so that the company knows what and where they are spending and earning. We help businesses get to the next level. That’s why some companies soar,” Bruno Simões pointed out.

“Many companies make websites, but few companies do what we do. They don’t come to us just for a website, we offer much more than that. For example, we can create booking management systems and software for suppliers in the restaurant industry”, he said.

Key to success

In fact, Kapta is a great example of what they sell. In just two years, they have grown a lot. Right now, they have over 170 customers and a team of 18 people. At just 35 years of age, Bruno is very proud of what he has achieved. Bruno has worked abroad in England and Central Africa, where he developed a mindset that he has taken to his IT Agency in Albufeira.

“Anyone who goes to work abroad ends up having to work a lot more. You end up losing your social life. If you take that to your homeland, you will succeed”, he shared.

In addition, “this is all about planning, if we have a pre-made plan it is much easier to reach a goal. Opening something up just to see what happens is a mistake. Either we really know what we’re going to do and what our path is or it’s not really worth it. It’s the difference between having a plan and not having a plan,” he said.

If you are looking for web design, branding, iOS/Android Apps, social media, photography or video, please visit or contact Bruno on +351 917 011 057.


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Paula Martins