Light pollution can be defined by the excessive amount of artificial light in the streets, which presents several consequences to the environment.

Driving at night, or even working during the night time requires the use of light, whether in the streets or inside any building. Driving is safer with lights, and human visibility will be better in a luminous environment, however, the excessive amount of light does have consequences.

The consequences may affect every species on the planet, but there are places where the phenomenon has not yet reached. Cities, such as Lisbon and Porto, are the places with the greatest light pollution, so if you are looking to do some star gazing it is best to avoid them by spending time in a more rural area, where the stars can be seen.

Here we detail some of the best places to enjoy the night sky at its very best – without any light pollution.


Located in the Alentejo, where the largest Portuguese dam is located, there is the most beautiful sky that can be seen in Portugal. There is no artificial light in the area, making it easy to see all the stars, constellations and many other mysteries.

The place is sought out by many to watch the stars, and there are even companies that work on this specific kind of tourism in the region.

Shale Villages

Mainly located in Central Portugal, namely in Serra da Lousã, there are de shale villages, a place that is not very luminous, making it easy to watch the stars, and spend a safe night in a small area, where during the day you can make the most of hiking and exploring the natural environment.


Gerês is known for its amazing natural attractions. So, watching the stars would also be an activity to do here, in that place filled with nature. Just like the other places mentioned, Gerês has a designated place to watch the stars, more precisely in Porta do Mezio. The darkness will be forgotten, as soon as the stars reach the sky, making it possible to watch every star constellation in the sky.

Cabo de Espichel

In Sesimbra, there are walking trails where the night can be enjoyed with a different light, making it an amazing experience for anyone with a passion for the stars. Sometimes, there are organised hiking activities for those interested in following the stars.

More to discover?

Around the mountains, it is possible to find many hidden villages, where artificial light barely touches the sky and the stars may also be seen. Just be sure of you are out star gazing and that you are in a safe environment to watch the stars.

Now all you need is to wait for dark, get your car keys and drive to the darkest place and contemplate the beauty of a dark sky full of stars. Perhaps you may even be lucky and see a shooting


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Bruno G. Santos