The ranking placed Porto in fifth place, which asked its readers which city had, in 2022, the most welcoming inhabitants.

After San Sebastián, in the Basque Country, Bruges, in Belgium, Reykjavik, in Iceland, and Copenhagen, in Denmark, comes Porto, which is described as having “charming cobbled streets and rainbow architecture”.

The magazine emphasizes that the city “has attracted a growing number of travellers, who fall in love with the sunny climate, the old-fashioned charm, the rich mix of architecture” and its “welcoming people and vibrant nightlife”.

Porto's "hotel offer" does not disappoint, boasts Condé Nast Traveler, who highlights the "recognizable luxury names" that appear "spread along the Douro River".

Also on the list is Lisbon, which "quickly became a robust favourite for weekend travellers, bringing together historic cobbled streets, and Art Deco and Neoclassical architecture that evaded destruction".

Condé Nast highlights "some of Europe's most exciting chefs" working in Lisbon, as well as haute couture fashion stores.

“Many factors must come together in judging a city: its history, architecture and world-renowned art scene, to name a few, as well as more contemporary considerations such as the gastronomic offer."